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Blessed with an amazing variety and richness, the Brazilian Amazon is the source of several astonishing wood species which provide extremely beautiful, highly stable and durable flooring products.

It is with extreme respect to these beautiful creations, that we in LINK approach the treatment and production of our flooring products.

Location and Manufacturing Facilities :

Based in the state of Rondonia, in the heart of the Amazon region, LINK’s production facilities are equipped with the most advanced equipments for the production for high quality precision floorings.

Beginning with the selection of the logs in our forest areas, through precision sawing, computerized Kiln Drying, precision molding machinery and ending with a state-of-the-art finishing line, our production facilities enable us to deliver our clients a final product to which we are proud to associate our company name.

Quality Control :

All our products follow strict quality controls throughout the whole production process in order to assure they are exactly within their required specifications.
All flooring strips are measure and tested to ensure a perfect fit and a controlled moisture content. Every aspect of the floor strip is checked : color tone, grain, moisture content and fit in order to guarantee that it will be perfectly installed at our end clients floor.

Stocking and Delivery :

In order to bring our products closer to our intended end users, LINK has establishing itself in the United States, creating its own warehouse location in the East Coast. Our products are therefore produced in Brazil and kept in stock in the US, forming constant inventories from which we serve our clients with the best products which we have to offer.

Variety of Species and Competitive Prices :

Offering Floorings in Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak (Southern Chestnut), Tigerwood, Brazilian Oak, Brazilian Redwood and Purpleheart we are certain we have products for all tastes, and at the extremely competitive prices at which we can offer them, for all pockets as well.

We prepare our products with the outmost care and it is sharing with our clients their final satisfaction which gives us our biggest reward.

Environment Policy:

Realizing the importance of the beautiful and rich forest areas with which the Amazon region was blessed, we at LINK operate under strict IBAMA and international guidelines in order to ensure that our Prime Material is sourced from forest areas which are fully documented and which harvest according to sustainable management programs.

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