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Brazilian Cherry Flooring

  Our most popular flooring, Brazilian Cherry (which is also known as Jatoba) has a very beautiful color that ranges from a dark orange to reddish brown. Its color darkens with time. Our Brazilian Cherry flooring is solid throughout - granting a highly durable, stable and long lasting floor. We are able to offer our Brazilian Cherry flooring in several different design options. For more technical information on this wood specie click here : Technical Info.


Brazilian Cherry Flooring

  Brazilian Cherry Flooring
Brazilian Cherry Flooring
  Brazilian Cherry Flooring Brazilian Cherry Flooring Brazilian Cherry Flooring Brazilian Cherry Flooring Brazilian Cherry Flooring   Brazilian Cherry Flooring Brazilian Cherry Flooring

1) Cost Effective Brazilian Cherry Flooring :
-Produced utilizing Brazilian Cherry pieces of all sizes increases considerably our production yield and thus allows us to offer this item to our customers at a very competitive price permitting its utilization in a wide range of projects. 
- Suitable for both residential and commercial applications

2) Durable, Stable and Versatile Brazilian Cherry Flooring:

By producing a narrow face width flooring, we are able to unite the extreme beauty and natural high density of Brazilian Cherry, with the mechanical benefits which this size presents.

- Higher mechanical face strength – allowing all types of traffic.
- Very limited dimensional variation
- Total stability under point-pressure, e.g. very heavy furniture.
- Can be sanded all the way down providing a much longer lifespan.
- Can be installed on any level subsurface – slab, tile, ceramic or plywood underlayments.
- A considerably reduced step sound.
- Ease of Sanding, repairs replacement of strips
3) Brazilian Cherry Flooring - Modern Look :
- Provides an extremely modern look and unique design - can be applied in a wide array of designs as well as vertically as a wall covering.
- Very popular in Europe in countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy.
- Rich red color of Brazilian Cherry.
- Brazilian Cherry in this format has been used to a great extent in sports pavilions and other high traffic applications. However, for some time now, because of the different shades presented in the tiles and multiple creative options, this style of Brazilian Cherry flooring has become popular amongst architects and interior advisors/stylists – and is currently being used for interior decoration, providing innovative character, personality and a dynamic air to rooms.

4) Environmentaly Friendly Brazilian Cherry Flooring :
Produced using the full spectrum of sizes a Brazilian Cherry tree provides and thus makes the best use of the prime material, avoiding waist.
Its long lifespan grants a much larger utilization cycle.

This type of Brazilian Cherry flooring is perfect for use as a project floor in residential and commercial applications providing a unique design.

Flooring Installation :

Brazilian Cherry FlooringBrazilian Cherry Flooring

Why Brazilian Cherry Flooring :
- Extreme long lifetime.
- High stability.
- Striking design.
- Suitable for project use.
- Unique appearance.

Glue-Down Installation :
Our Brazilian Cherry Parquet flooring can be Glued on any level subfloor with a suitable adhesive
Glue Down Installations are considered to be much easier than the nail / staple down hardwood floor installations. The glue down method can be done as a Do-It-Yourself Installation by most home owners,
by simply following the installation instructions. The greatest advantage of a Glue down installation is that it can be done on any sub floor. Unlike the Staple / Nail down method, which can only be done on a
wooden sub floor. You can install the hardwood floor directly on a concrete slab or on tile, ceramic or plywood underlayments.

Total stability and reduced step-sound
One main advantage is the total stability under point-pressure, e.g. very heavy furniture, heavy closets, pianos, etc.
A glued down hardwood floor does not display movement or weakness.
The step-sound is considerably reduced. The sound is absorbed by the sub-floor.
If sub-floor heating is installed, a glued down product will give less resistance to the transfer of heat compared to a floating system. It is however necessary to adhere to certain rules where sub-floor heating is installed.

Easy to handle when glued down
Relative humidity does not have the same immediate effect on a glued down floor as with floating floors.
Sanding and repairs of old glued down floors are simple. Replacement of strips is also easy when the boards are glued to the sub-floor.


Brazilian Cherry - Excellent Quality for Much Less :

We produce our Brazilian Cherry flooring as well as all our other products at our own mill in Brazil under strict quality control ensuring
the highest quality of the products delivered to our clients.

As the Brazilian Cherry flooring is produced by us and sold directly to customers, we are able to offer the lowest prices in the market,
without compromising the quality of the material. There is no catch - we want to offer our flooring at a fair price to clients which are looking for an exotic Brazilian Cherry flooring.

Select & Better Quality Grade :

All of our offered flooring products, are of a Select & Better quality grade, including our rich Brazilian Cherry Flooring.
The Quality Grade is the highest available for exotic species. It means the Brazilian Cherry flooring is free of any defects and allows the natural color variation which exotic species,
as Brazilian Cherry, present.

Brazilian Cherry Delivery Options - No Minimum Order Size :

From our Warehouse in New Jersey : We have no minimum order size and can attend any quantity required.
We can arrange competitive freight rates from our warehouse for delivery to your destination. Please contact us to receive a delivered price quote.

We can also ship our Brazilian Cherry flooring directly from Brazil in container loads shipped to your port of choice.

Payment Terms :

In order to provide our clients with a Risk Free purchase, we provide our clients with COD Payment Terms. Therefore, the Brazilian Cherry flooring is only paid for upon delivery;
Our clients are thus free of the risks of purchasing without gaurantee of delivery of the product ordered. Clients which prefer to have the Brazilian Cherry flooring picked up directly from our Warehouse are also welcome to do so.

  Discount flooring, Discounted hardwood flooring and discount floor covering - Brazilian Hardwood Flooring
Brazilian Cherry - Special Price Offers

Size : 3/4" x 10"

Provided in 10" x 10" Tiles

Price : US$ 1.29 p/sq.ft.

* Prices are from our New Jersey warehouse. Please contact us for a delivered price. We can ship the material to any location within the US or Canada.

Highest Quality :

Select & Better Grade.

No Minium Order Size :
We accept any order size. We will prepare the order to attend your exact quantity requirements.

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Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Flooring