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Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Our most popular flooring, Brazilian Cherry (which is also known as Jatoba) has a very beautiful color that ranges from a dark orange to reddish brown. Its color darkens with time.
For more technical information on this specie click here : Technical Info.
We offer Brazilian Cherry flooring Prefinished and Unfinished.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Brazilian Cherry - Excellent Quality for Much Less :

We produce our Brazilian Cherry flooring as well as all our other products at our own mill in Brazil under strict quality control ensuring the highest quality of the products delivered to our clients.

As the Brazilian Cherry flooring is produced by us and sold directly to customers, we are able to offer the lowest prices in the market, without compromising the quality of the material. There is no catch - we want to offer our flooring at a fair price to clients which are looking for an exotic Brazilian Cherry flooring.

Brazilian Cherry - Select & Better Quality Grade :

All of our offered flooring products, are of a Select & Better quality grade, including our rich Brazilian Cherry Flooring.
The Quality Grade is the highest available for exotic species. It means the Brazilian Cherry flooring is free of any defects and allows the natural color variation which exotic species, as Brazilian Cherry, present.

Brazilian Cherry Delivery Options - No Minimum Order Size :

We have no minimum order size and can attend any quantity required. We can arrange competitive freight rates from our warehouse for delivery to your destination. Please contact us to receive a delivered price quote.

We can also ship our Brazilian Cherry flooring directly from Brazil in container loads shipped to your port of choice.

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Brazilian Cherry - Special Price Offers


Preinished Brazilian Cherry Flooring:

3.00" Wide : $ 4.99 p/sq.ft.
5.00" Wide : $ 4.99 p/sq.ft.

Unfinished Brazilian Cherry Flooring:

3.25" Wide : $ 4.59 p/sq.ft.
5.00" Wide : $ 4.69 p/sq.ft.

* Prices are from warehouse. Please contact us for a delivered price. We can ship the material to any location within the US or Canada.

Solid - 3/4" thick

Highest Quality - Brazilian Cherry:
Select & Better Grade.
Lengths from 1' to 7' ft.
Finished with 8 coats as follows :

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Finish
1) Primer / Stain Coating - This coating ensures great adhesion between the raw wood and the remaining six coating applications

2) Filler Coat - This coaring fills any open grain and pores to create a very smooth surface.

3) Second Fill - Continues to Build the smooth surface. Many prefinished products do not apply a second fill coat to cut cost.

4) Aluminum Oxide - Provides the hardness and durability of the prefinished process. The most important coat for durability.

5) Sealer Coat - Helps smooth out the Aluminum Oxide coating for the final two coats.

6) Second Seal - Continues to smooth the finish. Many prefinished products skip this step to cut cost.

7) Wet on Wet top coat - First of two top coats provides the scratch resistance by adding additional aluminum oxide creating durability only found with the prefinish process.

8) Final Top Coat - Controls gloss level.

No Minium Order Size :
We accept any order size. We will prepare the order to attend your exact quantity requirements.



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Brazilian Cherry Flooring Installed in a  Home

Brazilian Cherry Flooring