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Wood Species
offererd :

Brazilian Cherry


Brazilian Teak

Brazilian Walnut

Santos Mahogany

Brazilian Redwood

Brazilian Oak

Solid Brazilian Flooring directly from the Manufacturer :

Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Walnut,

Tigerwood and Santos Mahogany.


> Brazilian Cherry

Our most popular flooring, Brazilian Cherry (which is also known as Jatoba) has a very beautiful color that ranges from a dark orange to reddish brown. Its color darkens with time. We offer Brazilian Cherry flooring Unfinished. Purchasing directly from Link, which is the actual producer of this flooring you will be able to find high quality Brazilian Cherry flooring at the lowest prices in the market.
Brazilian Cherry >>

> Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany, is one of Brazil's most sought after species and rightfully so. Santos Mahogany has a rich reddish brown color and a very beautiful tight grain. It presents slight color variations which actually provide it an even more exotic look which is very much admired by all who see it.
Santos Mahogany >>

> Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)

Brazilian Teak, which is also known as Cumaru or Southern Chestnut in other regions, has a very beautiful brown color. Extremely durable and beautiful, provides an exotic look and a wonderful look to any are where it is installed.
Brazilian Teak >>

> Tigerwood

Tigerwood is a beautiful exotic Brazilian specie which provides one of the most special floorings you will ever see. Tigerwood is so called because it has a dark orange color with dark veins which give it a tiger-like look.
Tigerwood >>

> Brazilian Oak

Oak from Brazil only has advantages.
- Beauty and Quality : Brazilian Oak has a beautiful color and grain and is free of defects - always being offered in a Select & Btr grade
- Density : Our Oak denser than North American Oak, and actually has the density of Maple thus guaranteeing durability and strength.
Brazilian Oak>>

> Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)

Brazilian Walnut, which is also known as Ipe, has a very beautiful chocolate color. Famous for its durability, Brazilian Walnut is even popular in decking applications, and you can be sure it will provide you amazing durability as a flooring as well. Its beautiful color is breathtaking and is certain to provide any ambience with a warm feeling.
Brazilian Walnut >>

> Brazilian Redwood (Macaranduba)

Brazilian Redwood, which is also known as Macaranduba, has a very beautiful red color. It has little color variations and once installed provides a wonderful exotic look but yet conservative.
Brazilian Redwood >>

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Special Offers - Featured Products

Brazilian Cherry :
Solid - 3/4" thick, Select Quality
Prefinished from :
$ 4.89 /sft.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Santos Mahogany :
Solid - 3/4" thick, Select Quality
Prefinished from : $ 4.49 /sft.

Santos Mahogany Flooring

Brazilian Teak (Cumaru):
Solid - 3/4" thick, Select Quality
Prefinished from : $ 4.39 /sft.

Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) Flooring

Brazilian Walnut(Ipe):
Solid - 3/4" thick, Select Quality
Prefinished from : $ 4.69 /sft.
Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) Flooring

Tigerwood :
Solid - 3/4" thick, Select Quality
Prefinished from :
$3.99 /sft.

Tigerwood Flooring

Other wood products
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