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Sawn Lumber - Rough or Surfaced


We are currently exporting large quantities of lumber either Rough Sawn or Surfaced.

Our lumber can be offered AD (Air Dried) or KD (Kiln Dried). Our kilns are fully computerized and each specie has its own tested kiln program, thus achieving stress free and defect free lumber.

Working with diverse species, we are exporting to end customers which produce furniture, floorings, deckings, doors and windows, moldings, turnings and others.

Dense Hardwoods such as
Ipe , Jatoba , Cumaru and Massaranduba are being sold for the production of floorings, deckings and for other uses which require strength.

Medium Density species for Furniture production, Moldings, Frames, Doors and Windows. Species such as :
Marupa, Tauari, Jequitiba and others

Please Enter Here for pictures of some of the wood species which can be offered and their technical specifications.

We are also exporting large quantities of S4S (surfaced four sides) lumber boards. Products such as S4S flooring strips are being sold in large quantities to China, mainly in the species
Ipe, Cumaru and Jatoba.

Please let us know which wood specie interests you and cut to which specification, and we will provide you with our best price quotation.


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