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Why Brazilian Hardwoods? :

Amazing Beauty :

Rich in variety, we are able to offer a wide selection of hardwoods in beautiful and rich exotic colors with astonishing designs which bring life and warmth to any space where they are installed.

With colors varying from exotic reds such as Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany, the brown colored Brazilian Walnut and Teak, the beautiful Brazilian Red and White Oak to the amazing uniqueness of Tigerwood and Purpleheart.

Hardness and Durability :

Besides their amazing beauty, Brazilian hardwoods have technical qualities which surpass those of all the North American Hardwoods currently used in flooring applications.

Follows a chart demonstrating the Janka Hardness of the Brazilian Hardwoods in which we are offering our flooring products in comparison to common North American Hardwoods.
As you will be able to appreciate, Brazilian Hardwoods will provide flooring with superior technical qualities besides a greater beauty.

Competitive Pricing :

So we mentioned Beauty and Durability. What else is there? Price…of course.
We are able to offer our flooring products at prices lower than the current prices at which North American Hardwoods are being sold.

As our production is fully based in Brazil we are able to produce and supply in extremely competitive prices for the following reasons :

- Centralized and Efficient production of the flooring products in one location.
- No waste of lumber. We are able to produce a wide range of products from the same log, without throwing away one board or piece of lumber.
- Our products are shipped ready to be installed directly from Brazil to our warehouses in the US, thus avoiding paying freight for lumber which would later turn into sawdust during the production process.

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